"The tough thing is figuring out what questions to ask, but that once you do that, the rest is really easy"
                                                                   - Elon Musk

Over years, inquisitive minds quenched their thirst through quality research that transcended our understanding of the Orthopaedic science to molecular level. Orthopaedic Research Group is a platform for and by such young curious orthopods who wish to bring a change in Orthopaedics by Research.


To involve in, promote, propagate and translate musculoskeletal (MSK) research at various levels.


To attain the highest possible level of Orthopaedic standard of care through research. To go beyond disease and concentrate on musculoskeletal wellness.


1. Involve in and encourage Independent MSK research activities at all levels.
2. Establish and encourage dedicated centers of research for innovation and product development through interdisciplinary collaboration.
3. Translate research and upskill clinical orthopaedic practice at an international level.

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