The field of medicine is undergoing a swift evolution due to technological advancements. AI systems are increasingly significant in medicine and orthopaedic surgery, driven by the dramatic rise in computer processing capabilities, cloud computing, and the improvement and fine-tuning of algorithms specialized for medical tasks. The wide-ranging use of technologies like medical imaging, which offer high levels of sensitivity, specificity, and prognostic value for managing orthopaedic conditions, makes this field particularly suitable for the implementation of machine-based integration of imaging studies, among other uses. The aim of this focus group is to harness this potential towards the next generation of utility tools for orthopedic surgeons to enhance their standard of care.

AUTO - AI based Utilities in Orthopaedics


Dr. Munis Ashraf

Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, Chennai, India


Ms. Avanni Gudimetla

Syracuse University, New York,USA

Dr. Girinivasan Chellamuthu

Orthopaedic Research Group, Tamil Nadu, India

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Reliability of AI-based Chat Boxes for OTG Answers to Clinician Queries
  • AI-based injury prediction model for sports injuries
  • AI-based diagnostic tool for wrist x-rays