About Foundational Research Course

The Foundational Research Course, offered by the Orthopaedic Research Group, serves as an initiation program aimed at providing participants with essential knowledge in medical research methodologies, particularly focusing on PRISMA-guided systematic reviews. Tailored for individuals at the beginner level, this course lays the groundwork for a solid understanding of fundamental research concepts and methodologies.

Structured into user-friendly online modules, the course unfolds progressively, covering the basics of medical research methodology and guiding participants through the intricacies of conducting PRISMA-guided systematic reviews. Each module concludes with manageable tasks designed to reinforce the acquired knowledge, allowing participants to apply their learning in practical scenarios. The flexible nature of the program accommodates participants' schedules, providing a 10-week window to complete the modules at their convenience.

Following the completion of the modules, participants will face a formal assessment examination designed to evaluate their comprehension of the foundational concepts covered in the course. Upon successful completion of both the modules and the assessment, participants will receive a course completion certificate, acknowledging their initiation into the world of orthopaedic research methodologies.

Foundational Research Course