CurvaFix - an implant that slithers and settles

Placing a straight screw into a pelvic ring is difficult. You know why?.. well because it is…a ring. So why not think about a curved implant which can be inserted with a steerable guide wire predictably and stiffen up once inserted so that it can provide stable fixation while all this being done minimally invasive? Yes, That’s what CurvaFix brings to the table.

It is the first intramedullary implant to follow natural curvature of the pelvis, filling the bony canals, provides a greater force to failure and minimizes risk of pull out. It is touted to reduce the operating time to as less as 20 minutes and can bend up to 65mm radius of curvature. They have 4 equal length cables in the implant which can be locked at the end to provide rigidity.

Personally, the best part is the steerable guide seen in the video. A feasibility study done by the team using CT analysis shows the minimum radius of curvature is more than 65mm and the minimum (constriction point) diameter is 12+- 3mm. These implants come in 9.5mm outer diameter and varying lengths. 

These are in early stages in development with a few promising case studies. I have high hopes as they aim solve one of the biggest issues in trauma surgery. Follow this space for any updates.