Work from home for Orthopods!!

Telehealth is medicine’s equivalance of work from home and the pandemic has accelerated the trend. Out of the core concepts of examination, inspection can be done by camera but move and measure haven’t been reliable. EXER.AI is here with an answer. 

This system lets you precisely monitor the range of movements and thereby aid in progression of physio. This is done without any additional kits like sensors or special cameras. The patients use their mobile phone camera and the intuitive AI (yep, the one in the name) can currently track 24+ body points and 100+ exercises. They offer remote support and this part helps us monitor progress.

Just pull up the chart and let AI show you this week’s or today’s ROM. You can use these softwares to document the range during every visit. 

Of course, when we talk about cameras and patients in the same sentence, words like privacy and regulations on data storage usually follow. If they can do this part right, forward is the only way.