Perfecting endoprosthesis

Okay, who said Orthos don’t care about soft tissues? Case in point, our Implant for this month – ELEOS, the Proximal tibial Limb salvage system from Onkos surgical. 

The New Jersey-based company with an impressive bone tumor portfolio has designed a proximal tibia reconstruction prosthesis that allows soft tissue ingrowth. Soft tissue failure is noted to be one of the 5 major reasons for Tumour Endoprosthesis failure. The implant is designed with a Pore size range of 502-758μm which is supposed to promote soft tissue integration.

In addition to this, the bone-implant interface is Modular Bio GripTM which is HA coated; a 3D-printed collar improves osseointegration. This is a nano HA coating that aims to be smaller and superior. The implant seems promising. Do follow us to know about the clinical outcomes of using this implant.